Using Data for Meaningful Classroom Change

Presented by: Diana Nunnaley

This course provides teaching professionals with the strategies and tools needed to systematically evaluate and analyze student data, and subsequently implement and monitor action plans in order to improve student performance. You will learn a structured process for the ongoing investigation of data that focuses on collaborative inquiry. You will explore the phases of data analysis using multiple sources of data including aggregate, disaggregate, item data, and student work. Upon reviewing this data you will learn to identify student learning problems, generate and implement solutions, and monitor results. Additionally, you will read and engage with a case study conducted at a middle school that outlines the Using Data approach to continuously, collaboratively, and effectively improve teaching and learning.


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Diana Nunnaley

Diana Nunnaley

Diana Nunnaley has worked with teachers, teacher leaders and administrators for 30 years providing professional development and technical assistance to aid their efforts to increase student growth and achievement. At the heart of her work is a deep, underlying belief in the power of teachers to dramatically altar the landscape of learning for their students, and the power of data to help teachers make those transformations. Her work has focused on designing the materials and activities to help school leaders and teachers develop the supports, techniques / skills and processes needed to transform school cultures into ones where continuous learning guides improvement in practices resulting in increased student achievement in learning.