Courageous Conversations about Race

Presented by: Glenn Eric Singleton, Shaundra Williams

In this course, you will gain the knowledge and skills to understand and examine the impact of race on student achievement and the role that racism plays in institutionalized racial disparities. You will learn a practical and accessible protocol that supports participants in challenging their personal beliefs around race. By the end of this course you will have the knowledge, skills, and practical strategies to participate in courageous conversations about race on a daily basis in both personal and professional contexts.

As you take this course, you will:

• Listen to experts.
• Watch real classroom learning.
• Read research and best practice.
• Access resources to support implementation.


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Glenn Eric Singleton

Glenn Eric Singleton

Glenn Eric Singleton hails from Baltimore, Maryland. A product of public elementary and independent secondary school, Singleton earned his bachelor’s degree from the University of Pennsylvania and his master’s degree from the Graduate School of Education at Stanford University. Singleton began his career as an Ivy League admissions director. In 1992, he founded Pacific Educational Group, Inc. (PEG) to support families in their transitions within and between K–12 and higher education. His company rapidly grew into a vehicle for addressing systemic educational inequity by providing a framework, guidance, and support to K–12 systems and institutions of higher education focused on meeting the needs of under-served students of color. Singleton and his associates at PEG design and deliver individualized, comprehensive professional development for educators in the form of training, coaching, and consulting. Working at all levels, from beginning teachers to superintendents at local, state, and national levels, PEG helps educators focus on heightening their awareness of institutional racism and implementing effective strategies for eliminating racial achievement disparities in schools. In 1995, Singleton developed Beyond Diversity, a widely-recognized seminar aimed at helping administrators, teachers, students, parents, and community stakeholders identify and examine the intersection of race and schooling. The Beyond Diversity seminar is the foundation for the PEG Systemic Racial Equity Framework and its theory of transformation, which focuses on leadership development, teacher action-research, and family/community empowerment. Today, participants around the world use Singleton’s COURAGEOUS CONVERSATION Agreements, Conditions and Compass, introduced to them in Beyond Diversity, as they strive to usher in culturally proficient curriculum, instruction, and assessment. Over its 20-year plus history, PEG’s scope of work has expanded to include online professional learning, independent school partnerships, and international efforts in Canada, Australia and New Zealand that focus on educational equity for indigenous populations. PEG hosts an annual National Summit for Courageous Conversation, in which scholars, educators, community members, and other stakeholders convene to identify strategies and best practices for creating high-level, equitable learning environments for all students. In 2003, Singleton received the prestigious Eugene T. Carothers Human Relations Award for outstanding service in the fields of human rights and human relations from the National School Public Relations Association. He has hosted and produced educational programs for television and has written numerous articles on the topics of equity, institutional racism, leadership, and staff development. He is the author of Courageous Conversations about Race: A Field Guide for Achieving Racial Equity in Schools, which earned “Book of the Year” recognition from both the National Staff Development Council and ForeWord Magazine in 2006, and the newly-released More Courageous Conversations about Race. In 2009, Singleton was elected to serve as a commissioner on the California State Board of Education African American Commission. Singleton is formerly an adjunct professor of Educational Leadership at San José State University. He is founder of Foundation for a College Education of East Palo Alto, California. Singleton earned his master’s degree from the Graduate School of Education at Stanford University and his bachelor’s degree from the University of Pennsylvania. A member of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Singleton is a native of Baltimore, Maryland, and currently resides in San Francisco, California.

Shaundra Williams

Shaundra Williams

Shaundra Williams has been leading teachers, staff, faculty, and students in K12 classrooms, school districts colleges, colleges, universities, and community organizations nation wide, through equity training and workshops over the past 20 years. She works to support equity in education for black and brown children in K12 schools nationwide and is committed to social justice and racial equity in education and community efforts to help all students succeed and thrive.  Currently, Ms. Williams leads the Affiliate Program which trains individuals to facilitate Pacific Educational Group’s signature seminar, Beyond Diversity. She coaches Affiliates in using the Protocol for Courageous Conversations About Race and leads others to practice this Protocol through an authentic voice based on personal, local and immediate experiences on race and racial dialogue.  Prior to joining PEG, Williams worked with K12 districts to provide Title I supplemental after school education programs in Mathematics and Language Arts to assist in California state testing. She later worked to train and direct faculty to instruct professional test taking examinations and preparatory programs.  Ms. Williams has also previously taught as an Adjunct instructor for Pacific Educational Group’s Beyond Diversity online course and as an Adjunct instructor for the Civil Rights course and Civil Rights Journey (alternative Spring Break program) at California State Polytechnic University at Pomona. Shaundra has served as the Lead Faculty in Residence at UCLA, National Equity Center’s Summer Civil Rights Institute hosted by the NAACP and the Director of the African American Student Center at California State Polytechnic University at Pomona. Before joining the staff of PEG, she worked as a Kindergarten teacher at San Diego City Schools and a substitute teacher/teaching assistant at San Diego Juvenile Court and Community Schools.   She currently serves on the board of the Heritage Education Group in Southern California and remains active in her community through her social service organizations to improve the lives of girls, college women and the African American community at large. Shaundra holds a Bachelor of Arts in Black Studies from the University of California at Santa Barbara and a Master of Science in Counselor Education with an emphasis in Student Development from Mississippi State University.