Common Core in ELA: Instructional Shifts for Effective Implementation, Grades 6-8

Presented by: KDS

In this course, educators will become fully versed in the foundations of The Common Core State Standards for English language arts (CCSS) and will see demonstrations of the six instructional shifts: balancing informational and literary text, using texts to inform, the staircase of text complexity, text-based answers, academic vocabulary, and writing from sources. They will also learn ways to communicate the purpose and the value of implementing the ELA CCSS in their school.

To support implementation of these shifts, educators will:

  • Evaluate their instructional practice for alignment to the shifts of the CCSS
  • Plan standards-aligned lessons
  • Identify demonstrations of the three instructional strategies
  • Plan and design formative assessments to regularly inform instruction and student supports
  • Develop units of study and lesson plans using a backwards-design method and include diverse learning paths for all learners

Course Videos:

  • 6th-8th Grade Classroom Demonstrations
  • Teacher Interviews
  • Guided Instruction by Educational Presenter


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** Plus additional fee of $55 payable to Adams State University at course completion. See Program Details for more information.

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The KDS Common Core in Math (CCSS-M) courses were developed by a select group of educators and leading experts in mathematics, curriculum, instruction, and assessment. This collective team of experts developed practical and engaging courses that provide teachers with an in-depth examination of the instructional shifts and Standards for Mathematical Practice, teacher perspectives, and resources to support successful implementation of the CCSS-M in their schools.