Differentiating Instruction Using the Common Core State Standards

Presented by: Carolyn Coil

Carolyn Coil has long been a champion of differentiated instruction. In this course, she presents her repertoire of tools and strategies in a new light: the Common Core State Standards. Teachers at all levels will delight in classroom-ready materials that help them organize their efforts to reach all students. Dr. Coil’s book provides practical examples for a cross-section of standards, subjects, and grades. An accompanying CD includes templates that make customization easy. Classroom footage illustrates each tool or strategy in use with real kids, grades 1 – 8.


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Carolyn Coil

Carolyn Coil

Carolyn Coil, who earned her Ed.D in Educational Leadership at the University of Southern Florida, is an internationally known speaker, author, trainer, consultant and educator. Dr. Coil works with teachers, parents and students offering practical strategies for raising student achievement, differentiating curriculum, implementing a variety of assessment strategies, and dealing with the problems and challenges associated with preparing ourselves and our children for living and working in the 21st Century. Dr. Coil has worked in the field of education and training for over 30 years. She currently teaches courses in gifted and talented education and does workshops for schools and school districts on a wide variety of topics. She has been an adjunct professor at several different universities and has worked in the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Bermuda, the Marshall Islands, Spain, Germany, Ecuador, Croatia, and South Korea.