Anger Management and School Violence Prevention, Part II

Presented by: Diane Wagenhals

The expression of anger at school can disrupt instruction, create a hostile environment, and make students and teachers feel unsafe. This course explores the relationship between anger, violence prevention, and effective discipline in schools. Participants study how to better manage and respond to anger-their own and others’-and thereby enrich their classrooms and schools. Participants also learn to support calm brain states for students and to promote emotionally safe climates in which students’ productivity can thrive. Adopting a healthy philosophy of anger will make participants adept managers of that unruly emotion. This course can be taken alone or with Effective Classroom Discipline: Anger Management, Part I.


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Diane Wagenhals

Diane Wagenhals

Diane Wagenhals brings over 25 years of experience in the field of family education. She has been a childbirth educator, a family therapist and founder of a parenting education company, has designed extensive training programs for family professionals and parents and has authored many published articles and curricula. Her training has touched over 400 parenting educators and since the inception of The Institute for Family Professionals in 2003, close to 1,000 family professionals and early childhood educators in Philadelphia. Diane received a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education from West Chester State College (now West Chester University) and taught elementary school for two years. She did graduate work at the University of Pittsburgh and University of Maryland in Rehabilitation Counseling. She received a Master’s of Education in Psycho-Educational Processes specializing in Family Therapy from Temple University and worked as a family therapist with a local psychiatrist for ten years before shifting her focus entirely to psycho-educational processes. She is a Certified Family Life Educator. She is a Fellow with the Child Trauma Academy in Houston, TX. She is working with Dr. Bruce Perry on creating his Neurosequential Model for Educators and with Dr. Sandra Bloom to incorporate her Sanctuary Model into the field of Early Childhood Education. She is currently the Program Director for Institute for Professional Education & Development of Lakeside Educational Network and The Institute for Family Professionals.