Challenging Gifted and All Students with the Cluster Grouping Model

Presented by: Susan Winebrenner, Dina Brulles

This invaluable course explains the strategy and methodology of the School-wide Cluster Grouping Model to educators, parents, and administrators. The SCGM identifies gifted students who receive differentiated curriculum and instruction by teachers who understand and can readily respond to their learning needs. SCGM implementation meets the special needs of gifted students without major budget implications and has the potential to raise achievement for students of all ability levels. In this course participants will learn the responsibility of the SCGM model and the training necessary to become at SCGM teacher, administrator, mentor or specialist.

The course features instructional demonstrations from primary, intermediate and middle school classrooms with effective activities in action such as the name card game, various uses of questioning and other differentiated instruction techniques.


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Susan Winebrenner

Susan Winebrenner

SUSAN WINEBRENNER is a consultant and author who works with school districts to help them translate current educational research into classroom practice. She is president of Education Consulting Service, Inc., a speakers' bureau for educational topics, which she founded in 1986, She has taught students in mixed-ability and gifted classes. She presents workshops on a variety of topics, including Teaching Gifted Students, Teaching Students with Learning Difficulties, and The Schoolwide Cluster Grouping Model. She also works as a consultant with individual schools and districts. She has written numerous articles for various publications, and has presented at national conferences for several educational organizations.

Dina Brulles

Dina Brulles

Dr. Brulles is the director of Gifted Education Services in the Paradise Valley Unified School District in Arizona where she has developed an array of gifted education programs. As a faculty member at Arizona State University, Dina serves as director of the Herberger Academy Outreach Program and teaches graduate courses in gifted education. Publications include, The Cluster Grouping Handbook: How To Challenge Gifted Students and Improve Achievement For All by Free Spirit Publishing, and Helping All Gifted Children Learn: A Teachers Guide to Using the NNAT, by Pearson Assessment Inc. Dina can be contacted at: