Supporting Struggling Students with Rigorous Instruction

Presented by: Robyn R. Jackson

Presenter Robyn R. Jackson’s course teaches educators specific strategies for supporting struggling students without lowering standards. Beginning with an explanation of why students typically struggle in school, the course explores acceleration strategies designed to actually prevent problems with progressive intervention strategies that directly address common issues and how to quickly get students back on track plus remediation techniques to target specific areas and prepare students for summative assessments.

The course covers four stages of rigorous learning: acquisition, application, assimilation, and adaptation. Teachers will learn how to support students through each stage, learn specific instructional and support strategies for increasing students’ capacity to engage in rigorous learning experiences, explore ways to increase the rigor of their own courses, and assessment strategies that extend students’ rigorous learning throughout the unit. Finally, participants will develop a proactive intervention plan that supports students’ rigorous learning before the lesson, during learning, and through the summative assessment.


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Robyn R. Jackson

Robyn R. Jackson

Robyn R. Jackson earned her Ph.D in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Maryland. In her work with teachers, administrators, schools, and non-profit organizations, Dr. Jackson focuses on key principles of education rather than isolated strategies. Dr. Jackson founded Mindsteps Inc. in 2006 to help teachers learn how to help every students meet or exceed rigorous learning standards. Her work with administrators helps them effectively train and support teachers and create highly rigorous school programs that ensure equitable access to college readiness for all students. She also works with school systems and non-profits to remove institutional barriers to equity, access, and rigor for all students, particularly students of color who are traditionally under-represented in advanced courses.