Character Education, Part I: Community and Cultural Change

Presented by: Clifton Taulbert

The issue of Character Education has, in many districts, largely shifted from the job of the family and community to a critical component of classroom instruction. To create and maintain a positive and productive learning environment students must develop as moral, civic-minded, well-mannered, non-bullying and, generally well-socialized young people.

The pervasive influence of violence, drugs and gang activity and the shifting role of family structure and parents have contributed to the negative changes in the behavior dynamic among many students that negatively impacts schools, classrooms, teachers and, of course, the ability of everyone to learn.

This course helps educators identify character issues in their own classroom and provides strategies for how to mobilize resources including parents and community members. In addition educators will learn how to create a positive moral community and will explore historical and modern concepts of character and consider how to foreground those concepts for students’ learning sake.

As part of the curriculum, character education through insight, understanding, instruction, problem-solving and conflict-resolution activities will help educators improve relationships in their classroom communities and provide a safer environment for learning and collaboration among their students.


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Clifton Taulbert

Clifton Taulbert

Clifton Taulbert, a Pulitzer nominated author forOnce Upon a Time When We Were Colored(1989) and the president and founder of the Building Community Institute, speaks worldwide on the critical issue of building community. His booksEight Habits of the Heart andEight Habits of the Heart for Educatorsadvance the theory that "unselfish leadership...ensures student success." Before he became an author (including of the Little Cliffchildren's series) and professional speaker, Taulbert worked in the banking industry. After a stint as a sergeant in the US Air Force, Taulbert earned his B.A. at Oral Roberts University, and earned continuing professional education credits (toward an MBA) from Southwest Graduate School of Banking at Southern Methodist University. Recipient of the 17th annual National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) Image Award for literature, Taulbert was one of the first African American writers to win the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters Award for nonfiction, and was named byTimemagazine one of America's outstanding black entrepreneurs.