POWERful Coaching

Presented by: Karla Reiss

This course provides a dynamic series of sessions to develop coaching as a process, a relationship, a specific set of skills, and a powerful strategy for creating change in people and organizations. The role of “coach” is becoming more widely used in our schools. This course clarifies the roles and skills necessary for effective coaching which leads to successful change.

This workshop illustrates techniques of a leader in coaching as teachers, superintendents, and other educators role play and determine effective and appropriate coaching scenarios to improve academic achievement, professional development and organizational change.


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1 Graduate Credit ** $304 View Syllabus Add To Cart

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** Plus additional fee of $55 payable to Adams State University at course completion. See Program Details for more information.

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Karla Reiss

Karla Reiss

Karla Reiss is the founder of The Change Place, where, as a certified professional coach, she uses her experience in the education field—as a coordinator of professional development at Western Suffolk Board of Cooperative Education Services; and as director of planning and funding at Southern Westchester Board of Cooperative Education Services—to offer customized support to school systems and other organizations and individuals. Also a certified school district administrator, with an M.A. and professional diploma in special education, Reiss is the author of Leadership Coaching for Educators; Bringing Out the Best in School Administrators (Book of the Year, Learning Forward) and Be a Changemaster; 12 Coaching Strategies for Leading Professional and Personal Change.