Manage It All: Students, Curriculum, and Time

Presented by: Debbie Silver

To be effective teachers must essentially find strategies to “manage it all”: establish a classroom environment that facilitates learning, differentiate instruction and assessment, facilitate learning through cooperative groups and, meet their own professional goals. In this course presenter Debbie Silver shares veteran classroom management techniques and strategies to maintain a well-run classroom.
Among the topics covered are: heading off discipline problems using student-centered techniques; using “discrepant events” to challenge students’ prior assumptions; using zone of proximal development strategies to develop activities that are attainable but just beyond student reach; using cooperative learning as a teaching strategy, where the teacher’s role shifts from direct instruction to facilitation of group interactions; using intrinsic rewards to motivate students for lifelong learning, not extrinsic rewards for short term gain; designing high-quality curriculum integrating standards using backwards design principles, and developing activities suited to different learning styles. Finally teachers will learn how to evaluate and prioritize their own activities, delegate, and make time to reach their personal and professional goals with timesaving strategies, practical tips, and great ideas to create an effective learning environment.


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Debbie Silver

Debbie Silver

Debbie Silver has 30 years experience as a classroom teacher, staff development instructor, and university professor. A Louisiana State Teacher of the Year, Dr. Silver has been an invited author for several educational journals and has given keynotes at state, national, and international conferences in 49 states, Canada, Europe, and Asia. A featured teacher for the PBS OnLine Teacher Chat, Silver has authoredDrumming to the Beat of Different Marchers: Finding the Rhythm for Teaching Differentiated Learning, which has been updated and re-released by Incentive Publications. Songs she co-wrote with Monte Selby are featured on his CDs.