Charlotte Danielson's A Framework For Teaching

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Charlotte Danielson's A Framework for Teaching defines teachers responsibilities, which fall into four domains: planning and preparation, classroom environment, instruction, and professional responsibilities. Through lectures, classroom observations, and vigorous panel discussions, educators work through how to use the Framework to scrutinize and strengthen classroom teaching practices to improve student learning. Punctuated by worksheets and activities, the course prepares educators to use the Framework to become their best professional selves. Required Text: Enhancing Professional Practice: A Framework for Teaching (Charlotte Danielson, ASCD, 2007) Click the link on the right to order from


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Charlotte Danielson

Charlotte Danielson

Charlotte Danielson, who earned her Master's of Education in Educational Administration and Supervision at Rutgers University, is a former economist and an educational consultant based in Princeton, New Jersey. She has taught at all levels, from kindergarten through college, and has worked as an administrator, a curriculum director, and a staff developer. In her consulting work, Danielson specializes in teacher quality and evaluation, curriculum planning, performance assessment, and professional development. Danielson is the author of a number of books supporting teachers and administrators. These includeEnhancing Professional Practice: A Framework for Teaching(1996, 2007),Teaching for Understanding Professional Inquiry Kit(1996),Teacher Evaluation to Enhance Professional Practice(in collaboration with Tom McGreal) (2000),Enhancing Student Achievement: A Framework for School Improvement(2002), andStrengthening the Profession Through Teacher Leadership(2006), all published by ASCD. In addition, she has writtenCollections of Performance Tasks and Rubrics, published by Eye on Education,Teaching Methods(2009), published by Merrill, andTalk about Teaching: Leading Professional Conversations(2009), published by Corwin Press.