Authentic Innovation in the 21st Century

Presented by: Cheryl Lemke

Today's global high-tech world requires instruction and assessment that incorporate the latest social, learning, and neuroscience research on critical thinking, multi-tasking, multimodal learning, collaboration, and engagement. Educators will learn from classroom footage and lecture how to use technologically advanced tools that extend students thinking by serving as a means to explore ideas, research questions, test hypotheses, compose thoughts, and come to conclusions. Educators will learn to teach their students to use these tools as vehicles for exploring rigorous academic concepts in authentic environments, i.e. in the world around them.


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Cheryl Lemke

Cheryl Lemke

Cheryl Lemke is President and CEO of the Metiri Group, a consulting firm dedicated to advancing effective uses of technology in schools that has been conducting research and evaluations into every major education technology movement of the last decade for the United States Department of Education, the National Science Foundation, and numerous state-funded programs. She also serves as the practice leader for Metiri Group Policy Consulting. Prior to launching the firm, she was the executive director of the Milken Exchange on Education Technology for the Milken Family Foundation. Lemke specializes in public policy for K-12 learning technology, working at many levels with governors, legislators, superintendents, business leaders, and teachers. Last year, she facilitated public hearings in Silicon Valley, CA, and Atlanta, GA, for the Web-based Education Congressional Committee. This year, she is working with several states on leadership in technology initiatives, and most recently authored the definitive work on 21st century skills, published by the North Central Regional Educational Laboratory and the CEO Forum. Lemke's 25-year career in the public sector and her work with Metiri Group have included projects related to assessing the impact of technology on learning; gauging the progress of states, districts, and schools in bringing technology to the learning process; conducting surveys and focus groups; convening national experts in discussions on policy issues; and designing and prototyping educational technology frameworks. Lemke has most recently turned her attention to the effective use of Web 2.0.