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How KDS is addressing issues in education

Education Frustration: Fixing A Broken System

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While most school districts invest significant resources in new teacher induction and professional development, few promote a high-quality induction program incorporating a career development strategy linked to improvement efforts (K. Haley Miles, 2003). An average district staff professional development expenditure of $10,000 per teacher could be justified and even celebrated if the results were commensurate with the cost. However, given the existing data on limited teacher effectiveness and student achievement, this is not the case.

Professional Development: Quality, Impact and Outcomes

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Effective organizations, public and private, measure multiple, key-performance outcomes and analyze their processes ensuring that both the people and the operations are optimized to improve outcomes and ROI. Strategic management of human capital (SMHC), recruiting, developing, rewarding and retaining effective teachers and principals, is at the heart of transforming practices and building organizational capacity. Critical to SMHC is allowing employees to know and understand the skills required for them to be successful and providing a system of supports to develop those skills as they grow in their careers.

Now's the Time: Scalable Strategies for Transforming Professional Learning

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Despite the $100 billion unprecedented infusion of federal cash, one thought is etched into the mind of every state and local education policymaker: How do we leverage these dollars to support innovative and transformational practices now while ensuring the impact will last long after the dollars are gone? States and districts are bracing for the budget crunch resulting when the up to $100 billion ARRA funds run out starting later this year. And because the money is temporary, it can not be put towards anything that is not sustainable. Consequently, state and local leaders are seizing this opportunity to spend these one-shot dollars on sustainable programs and resources.

Redefining Teacher Education for Digital-Age Learners

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Public education in America is at a crossroads. The current system is too expensive to sustain and it does not consistently provide students with the skills they need to be responsible, contributing citizens in today's global community. There are many individual efforts aimed at reforming the educational system and there is broad recognition that changes in the educational system will require changes in the roles, knowledge, and skills of the educational workforce.