About Knowledge Delivery Systems

KDS believes every student deserves a great teacher in every classroom every school year, and every teacher deserves a comprehensive system of support.

Knowledge Delivery Systems (KDS) was founded in 2001, a pioneer in e-learning for educators. Today, KDS is a leading provider of research-based, blended-model strategic professional development solutions for school districts and states.

Our mission is to help school districts and states transform professional development to dramatically improve teacher effectiveness and raise student achievement. KDS solutions systematically build district-wide capacity to address their most important challenges—closing the achievement gap, Common Core instruction and assessments, cultural competency, diverse learners and differentiation, teacher induction and school leadership, coaching and instructional leadership, use of data and personalized student learning in 1-to-1 classrooms. KDS online courses are developed by the nation’s leading education experts and researchers, and are delivered on the KDS Professional Learning Platform (PLP).

Since 2004, KDS has developed over 3,500 hours of online professional learning content and enrolled more than 50,000 teachers, administrators and instructional leaders in rigorous, research-based courses that meet the needs of educators working in urban school districts serving diverse student populations.

KDS’ prestigious faculty is comprised of leading K-12 education researchers and experts, with whom we develop high quality, depth-level courses and content. We work with state agencies and university partners, including Capella University, to deliver continuing education, graduate professional development credit, and transferable master’s credit. We partner with industry leaders like Microsoft to develop innovative technology solutions that integrate seamlessly with school districts’ existing systems.

The Professional Learning Platform (PLP) leverages the effectiveness of learning communities to provide the latest collaborative and virtual learning tools and personalized learning experiences to make educator learning engaging, convenient and social

  • Customized Professional Development courses that align with your state and district goals.
  • Timely subject matter presented by industry leaders in their respective fields.
  • Downloadable and printable transcripts, notes and additional resources.
  • Accountability through the KDS Administrative Console.


The KDS eClassroom learning platform offers 24/7 accessibility online while preserving the integrity of the content, enabling participants to reap the benefits from the professional learning experience.

  • Rich, engaging, and academically rigorous learning experiences in a dynamic video-based platform.
  • Enhanced online community for interaction among learners, instructors and facilitators.
  • Resources tab with PowerPoint handouts, exemplar lesson plans, and other documents.
  • Interactive study guides and assessments that measure comprehension.
  • A user-friendly dashboard and knowledgeable support staff.

Reporting and Accountability

KDS employs a powerful suite of tools and processes that:

  • Align to teacher competencies, performance indicators, and standards, to ensure that new concepts are applied with fidelity in classrooms.
  • Integrate tracking and reporting features to monitor progress.
  • Aggregate multiple sources of data into numerous exportable and printable reports.
  • Include learning portfolios chronicling artifacts, such as assessment responses, reflections, collaborative discussions and certificates of completion.

Higher Education Partners

  • Adams State College
  • Brandman University
  • Capella University
  • MidAmerica Nazarene
  • Hampton University
  • Immaculata University
  • Lake Erie College
  • Madonna University
  • North Dakota State University
  • University of North Dakota

Reviews from educators who have taken KDS courses

  • "I signed up for your CTEL class...I PASSED all 3 sections on the first try! Thank you so much for your great class. I couldn't have done it without you!!"
    — Joan (CA)

  • "Having attended several conferences/workshops specifically to hear Rick Wormeli, I think this web-based resource (given today's economic pressures and challenges) will offer teachers an efficient and user-friendly opportunity to hear from one of the real standard bearers in the world of differentiated instruction and assessment. The quality of the videos is quite good! I also enjoyed having a transcript of the presentation, access to printable resources, and Rick's PowerPoint slides available simultaneously. I cannot think of a more effective way, both in terms of cost and ease of use, for schools to get Rick's expertise into the hands of teachers!"
    — John F. Fox, Ph.D. Director of Middle School
    Worcester Academy (MA)

  • "Attending Rick's two day conference on Differentiated Assessment & Grading was a wonderful experience. I returned to school and began investigating a book study for staff using Fair Isn't Always Equal and wondered how I could recreate the same degree of engagement and energy. I was thrilled when I learned that KDS was offering an online version of Rick's conference...our book study will now include 'guest appearances' by Rick as we intertwine video clips with chapters and discussions."
    — Nikki Gullickson, Principal
    Salem Middle School (CT)

  • "I watched the first segment of Rick Wormeli's online workshop twice. Once alone and the second time with one of my dedicated teachers. Just to let you know my first impression, GREAT!!! We are planning to view Rick's workshop in groups of 7 on the first day of School-Based PD."
    — Scott Giegerich, Associate Principal
    Portland Middle School/High School (CT)

  • "Our district is beginning our second year using KDS courses as part of our new teacher induction program. The online coursework is being used in conjunction with other assignments for our more experienced new staff members. The variety of course topics has allowed for professional development differentiation for our teachers who enter the district with previous teaching experience and foundational knowledge. According to feedback from our new teachers, KDS courses are easy to use and filled with relevant and useful strategies. The ability to choose a topic of interest and the flexibility to complete the coursework on one's own schedule has made this professional development activity valuable and complimentary to their teaching responsibilities. Several teachers have expressed interest in completing additional KDS coursework on their own for graduate or continuing education credit. Working with KDS has allowed our school district to expand and differentiate our professional development opportunities."
    — Mrs. Lind Leib, Supervisor of Professional Development & Coordinator of Science
    Downington Area School District, Downington (PA)

  • "Very helpful and beneficial. KDS staff was very attentive to the special needs that each teacher had. The online training was very easy to open, navigate and finish from any computer that had access to the internet. The teachers found this to be a wonderful option for completing their required professional development training."
    — Ross Hord, Superintendant
    Medina ISD, Medina (TX)

  • "I love KDS! The courses are thoughtfully prepared and always include very useful information. I love the fact that I can work at my own pace. I am a new, single Mom and I can't get out to classes as easily as I used to. This is such a wonderful alternative that I don't even WANT to go out to classes!"
    — Jonelle H., New York City Educator

  • "I love Webucation. Continuing education over the Internet has provided me with the opportunity to learn about important topics I didn't get in school. Things that will help me prosper both professionally and personally. I have appreciated being able to study from home, having a flexible schedule, and being able to take extra time to absorb the content of the material."
    — Kay A., Ohio Educator

  • "Truly an eye-opener. I learned more from these courses than I ever did sitting through my Masters program."
    — Pamela C., NYC Public Schools, I.S. 318, Special Education Crisis Intervention Teacher, Grades 6-8

  • "I can honestly say that I enjoyed taking these online courses. The subject matter was right on target for teaching in today's world. The presenters were so interesting - definitely not boring. They offered so many well planned techniques and strategies. I've tried many of these techniques quite successfully in my Kindergarten Class. They are enjoyed by the students and make their learning experiences fun and challenging. Looking forward to taking more online courses with KDS."
    — Fran M., NYC Public Schools, P.S. 153 Q

  • "Truly a very motivational discussion...very interesting and made me think about why I went into teaching...I shared this presenter with my principal and asked her to view it as a way for the staff to unite and make our school an incredible community."
    — Michigan Educator

  • "I am very impressed with the amount of useful information I have learned. The techniques and tips are applicable to any of the classes...so worthwhile. I now have a composition book about 3/4 full of great information that I can reference at my leisure...I learned more practical information about classroom management in this course than I ever learned during my B.A. or M.A."
    — Joyce T., New York City Educator

  • "I have 25 years of teaching experience yet I still found new ideas that I could apply to my teaching and to my classroom. The information was easy to understand and the ideas given were practical. The presenters were engaging and it was obvious that they were speaking from experience."
    — Ohio Educator

  • "Wonderful - I have already recommended them to colleagues. The presenters are extremely knowledgeable about the content and the topics are quite useful in my daily teaching."
    — Margaret B., NYC Public Schools, PS 59 Brooklyn, Science Teacher, Grades K-5

  • "Very effective and informative. The courses provide strategies that you can actually use in your classroom. I've been teaching for nine years, and I was really impressed with the different ways to implement Differentiated Instruction in my class. Taking this class has really helped me a lot!"
    — Natasha L., NYC Public Schools, MS 246 Brooklyn, 7th Grade Collaborative Team Teacher, Literacy

  • "I learned more in a few weeks at my own pace than I had in 16 years of teaching. Twenty lectures later and I am a new teacher armed with new knowledge and insights."
    — Luci H., New York City Public Schools, PS/IS 104, 5th Grade Teacher

  • "I am enjoying all the lectures. They are so interesting, helpful, and at times make me laugh! Seriously, I wish someone would have told me sooner how "real life" these courses are!
    I would certainly like to take other courses in the future. Thank you!"
    — Celeste C., NYC Public Schools, PS 18R

  • "The topics of the courses are of great interest to me and the ability to self-pace is irresistible...a plethora of information which will augment the teaching abilities of the teachers with whom I work and thereby, enhance the learning experiences of our students."
    — Opal B., NYC Public Schools, PS 157x, Literacy Coach

  • "These materials are really high-quality, and I enjoy working from home. The technology is wonderful, I haven't had any problems at all-everything works very smoothly!"
    — Michelle V., New York City Public Schools, PS 171Q, 4th Grade Special Education Teacher

NYC P-Credit Programs Testimonials

  • "The lectures are very informative and the pre-questions are a great way to set up for learning the objectives. These courses are a very convenient and wonderful way to get your salary credit, learn more, and continue with your professional development - spoken from a true teacher!"
    — Melissa I., New York City Public Schools, PS 8, Teacher

  • "Knowledge Delivery Systems courses were very useful, easy to listen to, and are relevant to what I do in the classroom on a daily basis. I would recommend KDS to colleagues."
    — Lisa P., NYC Public Schools, PS 17 Queens, Elementary School Teacher

Course Specific Testimonials

  • Aiding Students with Learning Disabilities

    "The course had very valid and interesting topics. I found the topics useful for future use in my classroom and also for further study. I would recommend this course to every special education teacher, no matter years of experience, age of students or degree of disability."
    — New York City Educator

  • "I really enjoyed this class. It has been so appropriate for me to learn this information at this point in my teaching career. I needed to understand more about how the brain works and how to best utilize this information in a practical way to reach students and parents in this day and age where ADD and ADHD and Autism are so prevalent. Your choices of instructors was invaluable, I appreciated all your notes and slides available for printing, and the ability to come back and relisten to the audio/video. I know I will use many of these approaches in my classroom. Thanks!"
    — Lynn A., Ohio Educator

  • Anger Management

    "I think this course on anger was eye opening for me personally and as an educator. I fully plan to practice some of the lessons I learned this summer. I actually printed out each class session and intend to bind it and keep it as a book of reference for myself. I thank you."
    — New York City Educator

  • Discovery-Based Mathematics

    "I really enjoyed the concrete ways Mr. Lawrence showed to help students gain real number sense. I used some of them in teaching summer school math, and was pleased to see that my kids were gaining confidence in their math abilities, which improved their attitudes toward math, which helped their test score tremendously."
    — Kansas Educator

  • Differentiated Instruction

    "I enjoyed the course because it not only updated my knowledge and understanding of the best ways to engage, plan for instruction, and assess the student, but it provided practical strategies to use in the middle school classrooms. The best part was that I was able to complete the course at home in my spare time without journeying away to class when time is precious and limited."
    — Ohio Educator

  • Teaching Diverse Learners

    "I have found the information presented through the KDS programs to be highly applicable for use in today's classroom. These are ideas that can be adapted from elementary to secondary classrooms. I plan to carry many of the examples into my teaching of middle school language arts in the upcoming school year. The material has also been extremely motivational to me. At a time when I sometimes wonder whether I can really make a difference to these children, these courses not only give advice on helping individual students set personal goals but have encouraged me in making a difference in the community and society."
    — Mississippi Educator